Why get a home inspection?


When looking at a home for possible purchase, you don't get 2-3 hours to walk around on the roof, crawl under the sinks, examine the heating and plumbing systems, look inside the electrical panel, test the electrical outlets, check that the appliances work, test the smoke alarms, etc. etc. You are at the mercy of the seller to be forthright and honest about the homes condition. These are just a few of the items a certified home inspector will examine for you so you are not surprised later.

There may be problems the seller is not even aware of !

A home inspection can be used as a contingency in your purchase offer. This contingency provides that if significant defects are revealed by a home inspection, you can back out of your offer, free of penalty, within a certain time frame. The home inspection is your chance to avoid problems, use the results to negotiate with the seller to pay for repairs, or at least let you know what repairs and costs you will be looking at if you decide to purchase the home.


Purchasing an existing home is a little like buying a used car - You expect some chips, dings, and some wear and tear. Some of these you are willing to live with and others you plan to fix yourself. However, you certainly want to know if the starter is going out or the motor has a significant problem! Items like that might cause you to reconsider the purchase.

When you purchase a home without an inspection you lose the chance to have a professional overview of the home you are buying. Inspectors don’t just look at the home, they can provide an in-depth analysis that can spotlight not just current needed repairs but also things that may become a problem down the road. The roof might not need repair immediately but it makes a big difference to know if you will need to replace it within a year or two, or not for much longer. Inspectors examine heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems for any signs of potential trouble. A home inspection provides an extra level of security and helps you plan for the future in your new home.



A smart home buyer IS going to get an inspection on your home for the reasons stated above. Purchasing  a home inspection puts you a step ahead.  It will allow you to resolve any problems or potential problems before you place your home on the market. It will then stand out as an excellent investment; one that the buyer will not be looking at a list of problems and deficiencies that will make them wary of purchasing.  If there are items you do not wish to repair, you will be able to put them on your Seller's Disclosure and already factored into your asking price, eliminating a lot of nitpicking and back and forth negotiations. Potential buyers will know you are being upfront, honest, and open, thus giving them confidence to complete the sale.

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